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School Tri - She believed she could and so she did.......

Yip its that time again, reveal time for Lets Scrap Sketches!
I seem to have a tendency where every second challenge I complete a double layout...guess what today follows that same pattern.  So here is what this has all been leading up to.

This was the first year that both of my babies were at the same school - so we had the double pleasure of watching both compete in their school triathlon.  I just love watching how their different personalities shine through - even at a sporting event.
This layout was inspired by the following sketch.... Thanks for stopping by!

What a way to spend some time!

Hey Everyone - so someone suggested that I join in a L.O.A.D challenge for the month of October, it could be a scrap layout or a card etc a double layout was worth two days.  Sure I thought how hard could this be.....tell you what it's a good thing that I needed to produce a few extra cards for a gala coming up! 

I had great fun doing this though, such a good way to work on those decision making skills lol.

I know it's not October anymore and even though all my creations were shared with a LOAD Facebook group I thought I'd share a few here too.  Let me know which ones you prefer!

Horsing Around.....

I set myself my own challenge within a challenge this time around just to spice things up a little bit.  I decided that while I love building layers on my background that I was going to try for a minimal approach and resist the urge to keep adding those lovely layers!  So here is my inspiration piece for the Lets Scrap Sketches challenge.

Here is the sketch that was my inspiration starting point.

Now here's hoping that you can tell that it is the left side of the double layout that I have used for this particular layout :)