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A bit of fun blog hopping

I've never done nore really understood what a blog hop was when I saw that Lets Scrap is doing one I decided to jump in a give it a go.  Fingers crossed I do it right lol.  Here is a pic of my scrap space...not the neatest or the most spacious.  I have the dining room table and the old hot water cupboard as my crafting area of my world.  It's dinner on our laps until the kids are ready and willing to give up their play room...I'm not holding my breath for it being anytime soon though!

I'm back from SENZ!

So Heather and I went up to SENZ in Auckland this year and had a fantastic time!  We made the most of the opportunity of being able to attend classes with some great tutors and managed to fit in 6 classes and one express class.  Time well worth spent. Ohh and talk about the shopping....a bit too good, I may have gone a bit over board oopps.  We may have left after winning a few prizes also, just to add to the fun.  Heather and I won the fancy dress where the theme was glitz and glam - we sparkled in our lovely dresses and I entered a layout into the 'My Favourite place in NZ' competition....guess what.....It came first in the layout category.  Here are some pics for you to enjoy.