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Southern Girls Challenge - Jan 2019!

Welcome everyone to the first Team Lou post for The Southern Girls Challenge! The thought of a new year for me is like a blank canvas...which is quite exciting.  A chance to review and change aspects of your life that weren't quite to your liking in the past year.  It's not a clean slate but more something to build on.  This year I'm working on being more organised .... I'd love to hear what your new years resolutions are!
So in the spirit of me trying to be more organised, I finished my project a week before it was due - how organised is that!  Well for me it is anyway lol
My project piece for this month is a mini album that I have created for a lovely lady and her daughter.  She gave me an idea of what she wanted and then the rest was up to me.....

This challenge is sponsored by: Krafter Cart and The Paper Shelter

With a bow

Weclome to 2019!!!

I bought these paper bows from my local spotlight store ages ago...I have co-ordinated colours by using up some of my scrap pieces of paper..added a bit of bling and ta daaaa.....

It is a new year and while I don't make resolutions as such I do have some aims/goals for the year.  I create and sell under the name of The Overthinking Crafter..and the name suits me to a tee.  I overthink everything which also tends to mean that I hoard a lot of craft bits you know for those just in case times.  So my aim for this year is to actually use those just in case bits and bobs and simply create with them.  I hope that you will join me in this journey and check back in!

See you later - happy crafting!